New Years Greatings

New Years Greatings

Medieval Monday – Rys

An early European recipe for rice found on Kitchen History
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 Anje who runs Kitchen History writes: This recipe comes from a book called Two Fifteenth-Century Cookery-Books, which was published in 1888. This book contains recipes which were copied from manuscripts in the British Museum, so even though the recipes come from a book published in the late nineteenth century, they are still written in Middle English. This recipe for “Rys” is taken from the manuscript Harleian MS. 279. I’ve seen dates ranging from circa 1420 to 1439, so I just went with the earliest one.


Dips for Dessert / Dipp til Deserten

Cool Whip recipes from 1971Cool Whip Holiday Recipes 1971_recipe_02_post

000_recipe_eng  000_recipe_nor


Posted from my computer at work: My home computer crashed just after I came home from Easter holiday and it is in for service and upgrade at the moment. Besides I’m queuing up for a hip replacements operation and the line in front of me is getting shorter and shorter. When that operation is over I will end up at a convalescence center for at least four weeks (free of charge as the operation, standard here in Norway).

So you see there might be a while before I can continue my posting, but I’ll return with a upgraded computer and a right hip made from titanium as soon as I can. Enjoy some older post in the meanwhile – Ted

Note: I will unfortunately not be able to answer mail or messages until my home coomputer is back in action. Here at work I’ve got my hands full with other things.

Solo Soft Drink – Refreshingly Norwegian!

Solo gjennom åreneSome brands in Norwegian supermarkets are almost considered antiques, brands that were first launched in the late 1800’s.

Food has an ability to enlighten feelings, dreams and experiences which makes some brands more special than others. Norwegian food culture, the old traditional cuisine, has a number of products with strong affiliation. Norwegians are conservative and don’t want sudden changes within food products and brands.

ThorNews has previously written about other typical Norwegian brands like Kvikk Lunsj and Zalo, and this time we will gladly present a third arch-typical product; Solo soft drink.

Solo - Gult er kultLaunched in 1934, Solo is the top favorite beverage with its bright yellow color and refreshing taste, using real orange juice as a basis. Solo’s origin is Spanish, and its name comes from ‘Naranjina Solo’ meaning ‘only oranges’. Torleif Gulliksrud introduced the beverage to the Norwegians in 1934, after working in a Swedish brewery. In no…

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Beef à La Lindstrøm / Biff à La Lindstrøm

A traditional Swedish recipe found on the recipe pages on the Norwegian local paper Varden

968_biff a la lindstrøm_post
traditional badge3Time for a truly traditional Swedish dish here on RecipeReminiscing now. Beef á la Lindström is actually thought to have Russian roots (the originator Henrik Lindström grew up in St Petersburg), and you can certainly trace the use of beetroots and capers in the meat to eastern- and central European cooking.

But today Beef á la Lindström is considered to be an ultra classic Swedish dish, and at the Witt Hotel in Kalmar where Mr Lindström first introduced it about 150 years ago it’s still on the menu every day.


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5 Fifties Variations On Hard Boiled Eggs / 5 Femtitalls Varianter På Hardkokte Egg


5 recipes from “Egg Og Eggeretter” (Eggs And egg Didhes) published by Cappelen in 1957

variations on hardboiled eggs_post

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Great-Grandmother’s Coconut Macaroons

A Recipe from “Kaker Til Kaffen” (Cakes For The Coffee) Published by a Norwegian family magazine book club in 1979

oldemors kokosmakroner_post



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