Chinese Egg Tarts / Kinesiske Eggeterter

A classic Chinese recipe found on
Egg tarts_sbs-com-au_post

traditional badge ethnic speciality_flatThese Chinese tarts feature a very soft, light custard and a delicate, crumbly pastry that melts in your mouth. You will need a 12-hole (⅓-cup capacity) muffin pan for this recipe.


Italian Mocha Cake / Italiensk Mokkakake

A chocolate cake for grown ups found in
“International Family Favourites” published in 1976
italiensk mokkakake_post

With its coffee flavour, this Italian Mocha Cake is an adult version
of a chocolate cake.


Fried Brie with Cranberry Sauce / Frityrstekt Brie med Tyttebærsaus

A nice starter found in “Harrods Cookery Book” published in 1985fried brie with cranberry sauce_post

The brie for this recipe should not be over-ripe. Serve as an appetizer or light snack with a crisp green salad.


Roasted Pork with Onion Sauce / Stekt Flesk med Løksaus

A traditional recipe found in “Det Gode Norske Kjøkken”
(The Good Norwegian Kitchen)  published by Gyldendal in 1981
stekt flesk med løksaus_post

traditional badge norwegian_flatThis dish is a good example of classic Norwegian farmhouse cooking. Quick to make, simple and very, very tasty. A dinner often served in my childhood home and a dish I still make from time to time. I have mentioned it before, there’s a lot of good memories in tasty food – Ted 🙂


Pasties with Mint, Ginger and Peas / Piroger med Mynte, Ingefær og Erter

A great picnic recipe found on cookingcannaltv.com461_Beef Pasties with Mint, Ginger and Peas_post

Reinvent the Cornish pasty — a crimped half-moon pastry filled with beef and root vegetables — by sourcing flavors found in Mexican empanadas and Indian samosas.


Polar Bread / Polarbrød

A Scandinavian bread type found on godt.nopolarbrød_godt_post

I don’t know how this bread type got its name, but I find it hard to believe it is because it was staple for guys like Nansen heading out for expeditions in the polar region close to a hundred years ago. They were more the oat biscuit kind of guys, if you know what I mean.

On the other hand, polar bread is a superb picnic bread and you can make polar bread yourself easily. Make a lot extra while you’re at it, they freeze well and can be defrozted in a toaster in a matter of minutes. Ted 😉


New England Boiled Dinner / Kokt Salt Kjøtt fra New England

A classic recipe found in “Robert Carrier’s Kitchen Cook Book” published by Marshall Cavendish Ltd in 1980
new england boiled dinner_post

traditional badge americanThis easy-to-prepare, one-pot meal is based on freshly-cooked, home-made salt beef and cabbage plus all the root vegetables you have at hand. Serve it with freshly-cooked beetroots, sliced and sprinkled with vinegar.


American Chicken Salad / Amerikansk Kyllingsalat

A classic salad recipe found in “Norsk Ukeblads Store Salatbok”
(Norsk Ukeblad’s Large Salad Book) published in 1984

amerikansk kyllingsalat_post

000_recipe_eng traditional badge american 000_recipe_nor

Roasted Shrimps on a Bed of Rice / Ristede Reker på Risseng

A lunsj recipe found on “Risretter” (Rice Dishes)
published  by Hjemmets Kokebokklubb in 1980

ristede reker på risseng_post


Lincolnshire Pork with Potatoes / Lincolnshire Svinekjøtt og Poteter

A traditional British dish found on

A traditional British dish, packed with strong flavours. Try serving the pork with homemade apple sauce for a perfect Sunday lunch.


Khobz – Moroccan Bread / Marokkanske Brød

A traditional Moroccan bread recipe found on
Moroccan bread (khobz)_sbs-com-au_post_thumb[2]

traditional badge ethnic speciality_flatThe use of two types of semolina in this recipe gives the bread its distinctive texture, but you can just also substitute the plain flour and experiment with spelt, millet or buckwheat flours.


Lavash – Middle Eastern Bread / Brød fra Midtøsten

A recipe for a soft flatbread found on Middle Eastern Bread_aboutfood_post

traditional badge ethnic speciality_flatMost modern food specialists claim that lavash originated in Armenia, whilst others state that it probably originated in Middle East. According to Peter Reinhart, “Lavash, though usually called Armenian flatbread, also has Iranian roots and is now eaten throughout the Middle East and around the world”


The King’s Pudding / Kongens Pudding

A royal recipe found in “Mat for Ølvenner”
(Food for Beer Lovers) published by Aventura in 1987

kongens pudding_page

All dishes with royal titles sounds noble. I do not know which king has lend his title to this dish, but it is good enough in any case, as a dessert for the bourgeoisie as well.


Camilla’s Sunday Cake / Camillas Søndagskake

A flashback from the sixties found in ”Husmorens Store Kokebok” (The Housewife’s Big Cook Book) published in 1963
camillas søndagskake_post

Everything about this picture reminds me of my childhood. The fancy way of decorating the cake and the flowery tea cups are so very typical of a Norwegian coffee table  back in the sixties. I still got several sets of tea crockery just like the one you see above. I’m a bit weird, I know – Ted 😉


Rustic Rolls / Rustikke Rundstykker

A great roll recipe found on brodogkorn.no564_Rustikke Rundstykker_post

These rolls are equally suitable as accessories or finished sandwiches. With these rolls, a good cheese and a bottle of wine, all is set for a simple, but very nice meal.