The Christmas Recipes – Part 29

The Christmas Recipes – Part 29

Christmas Shots / Julsnaps

Christmas Shots / Julsnaps

Pepper Cookie Coffee / Peberkagekaffe

Pepper Cookie Coffee / Peberkagekaffe

How to Make Aquavit / Slik Lager Du Akevitt Hjemme

A spicy liquor recipe found on
How to Make Aquavit / Slik Lager Du Akevitt Hjemme

Comments to the recipe: Aquavit is a Scandinavian liquor with just as long traditions as Russian and Polish vodka, so please don’t offend the whole of Scandinavia by saying that aquavit is a sort of flavoured vodka. Aquavit was first mentioned in writing in 1531 and there are 91 different aquavits produced in Scandinavia today. The only thing they have in common is that both aquavit and vodka was potato based as soon as potatoes were grown here and not made from grain (grain was to valuable this far north). And by the way, the dill plants is never used to flavour aquavit, it is dill seeds that are used and real aquavit lovers never, ever drink their aquavit chilled, it kills most of the flavours.

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Luxury Chicken / Luksuskylling

A swell chicken recipe found in “Gryteretter” (Casseroles)
published by Hjemmets Kokebokklubb in 1979

Chicken is very suitable for casseroles. The meat is lean and mild and lends itself greatly for a large diversity of flavorings.


Strawberry Gin / Jordbær Gin

A homemade strawberry flavoured gin found on gin_post

Unlike sloe gin, this strawberry version only needs 3 days to stand for the flavours to develop. Decant into a pretty bottle, or several smaller ones, and add a handmade label for a personalised gift.

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Linie Aquavit

From an article on Saveur

177_linje aquavitLinie is the smoothest, richest aquavit we’ve ever sipped. Distilled from potatoes, with a robust caraway flavour, it’s aged, per Norwegian law, in oak. But the Oslo-based makers of Linie take it even farther—literally—by sending their casks off in the holds of ships, on a 19-week voyage that crosses the equator twice.

177_linje aquavit2

Along the way, the spirit sloshes around with the movement of the waves, and the barrels—formerly used to store sherry—swell and contract in extremes of heat and humidity, imparting the character of the wood and polishing the flavour, so that the gold-hued liquor tastes rounder and nuttier. While many aquavits overwhelm in cocktails, Linie mixes beautifully, providing a layer of deep, warm, woodsy spice.

Linie Aquavit, $27.99 for a 750 ml bottle on DrinkUpNY

177_linje aquavit3Note to the picture: The illustration indicates that Norwegian serve Linie and other aquavit straight from the freezer but this is not so. Real aquavit lovers, like myself, always drink it at room temperature. Serving it freezing cold robs the liquor of most of its marvellous rich flavours.

And another thing, aquavit is a snaps/shot kind of liquor most often enjoyed with a beer chaser, it rarely used in cocktails by Norwegians  – Ted

Brandy Cookies / Konjakk Snitter

A quick and easy recipe for some great tasting cookies
found on

Have a hard time finding what to give to the hostess when invited for a New Year’s party? Why not give away an edible gift? Bake these cookies and put them in a nice box and tie with pretty red silk ribbon. Nice to give away and nice to receive!

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Glöggmartini / Mulled Wine Martini

A nice Swedish twist on the traditional mulled wine

This dead simple drink is perfect to make for the Christmas mulled wine party and a great alternative to the traditional hot mulled wine for those who prefer a cold drink.

000_recipe_eng_flagg Recipe in English  000_recipe_sve_flagg Recept på svenska

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Chocolate Truffles On 3 Ingredients / Sjokoladetrøfler På 3 Ingredienser

A delicious and easy truffle recipe found on godt.no128_trøffelkuler_post

Truffle Balls are the taste of luxury. These velvety chocolate balls tastes absolutely fantastic and will keep for a long time. Add approximately 1,75 ounces of for example: cognac, rum, orange liqueur, honey or coffee. Then you just have to roll suitably sized balls and roll those around in powdered sugar or cocoa. Nice as a hostess gift, Christmas gift or a gift to a colleague. Or just eat them yourself!

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Juniper Liquor / Einerdram

A traditional liquor recipe found on matprat.no116_einerdram_page

Did you know that juniper is the most important spice in both gin and genever and that genever got its name from “genièvre”, which is French and means juniper? It is actually easy to make your own juniper liquor, it also suits perfectly for a host- or hostess gift. Or maybe even as this year’s Christmas gift?

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Baba Au Rhum / Babakake

A great cake recipe from from

925_baba au rom_page_thumb[2]
A juicier cake than baba cake does not exist! An airy yeast cake completely soaked in liquid goodies. Server the cake with fresh berries and delicious whipped cream.


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