Plain Chocolate Caramels / Vanlige Sjokoladekarameller

A caramel recipe found in “Chocolate and Cocoa Recipes
by Miss Parloa” published by Baker’s Chocolate in 1909

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Caramel Cream Sandwich Cookies / Småkaker med Karamellkrem

A recipe from “Best Of The Bake-off Collection No 42”
published by Pillsbury
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These crisp butter cookies have a delicate caramel flavour. Deliciously plain, but real party fare when put together with frosting.
From Junior Second Prize Winner Helen Beckman, Mt. Vernon, Iowa.


Norwegian Caramel Pudding / Karamellpudding

A recipe from “Mat For Alle Årstider” (Food For All Seasons) publishe by Det Beste in 1977



traditional badge2This caramel pudding is a classic Norwegian dessert and a favorite at every festive occasion in my country and especially a successful dessert at gentlemen’s parties. It is also straightforward because it can be made one to two days in advance.

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