Christmas on RecipeReminiscing

Christmas on RecipeReminiscing

As I have done the two last years I will post nothing but Christmas oriented recipes from November 24. to December 24. In 2016 I must admit I was a little lazy and just repeated to recipes from 2015. There will be no such repeats this year, all new recipes. Cookies, cakes, sweets, desserts, dinners and side dishes all in the best Scandinavian traditions. I hope you will enjoy this tour of Nordic Christmas goodies – Ted

Facebook gruppe for tradisjonelle oppskrifter på norsk

Norske og Nordiske Mattradisjoner

Jeg har akkurat kommet over en facebook gruppe der man deler norske og andre nordiske tradisjonelle oppskrifter på norsk. De sliter litt med å få inn nye medlemmer så jeg oppfordrer alle mine besøkende som leser norsk som er interessert i nordisk tradisjonsmat til å melde seg inn. Jeg har allerede gjort det. Dere finner gruppa her:

I have just come across a facebook group where Norwegian and other Nordic traditional recipes are shared in Norwegian. They are struggling to get new members so I encourage all my visitors who read Norwegian and who are interested in Nordic traditional food to sign up. I’m already a member. You can find the group here:

My Sincere Apologies

To anyone out there who have been waiting for me to respond to their messages left on posts on this blog. My stats have stopped registering incoming messages so I naturally assumed there was none untill my girlfriend told me she had posted one today. When I opened WP admin I found 33 messages. They have all been approved and answered now – Ted

Mine oppriktige unnskyldninger

Til alle der ute som har ventet på at jeg skulle svare på meldinger de har postet på innlegg på denne bloggen. Min statistikk har sluttet å registrere innkommende meldinger, så jeg antok naturlig nok at det var noen før kjæresten min fortalte meg at hun hadde postet en i dag. Da jeg åpnet WP admin fant jeg 33 meldinger. De er alle blitt godkjent og besvart nå – Ted

Recipes from Old Ads

Recipes from Old Ads
I mentioned in an earlier post that I missed building posts from old ads the way I used to do when I started this blog back in late 2013. It appeals to the designer in me.

So a few weeks ago I started to go through a whole decade of LIFE magazine. I chose to start with the 1960s (because I grew from a nice little boy to a teenage rascal during that decade).

Admittedly tv dinners and tinned soup pretty much ruled that decade. On the other hand, one can always trust Carnation, Hunt’s Catsup, 7 Up, CocaCola, Cling Peaches, Star-Kist Tuna and Ann Page among others to provide enough recipes to make the project worth the effort.

So ad recipes has made a full comeback on RecipeReminiscing

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New Posting Series – Campfire Cooking

I know it’s winter on the northern hemisphere where most of my visitors live. But I’m a Norwegian as you may know and we both hike and cook outdoors the year round.

My parents were outdoor people, so I’ve been eating food made on campfires and camp cooking equipment since I could walk and when I got kids myself I kept up the tradition.

Food prepared this way tastes great how ever simple it may be. Even just a cup of coffee and a fried egg on a toast made on an open fire is enough to bring you down to a resting heart rate, makes you draw your breath at a more relaxed rate and makes you notice the nature around you with keener eyes.

New Posting Series - Campfire Cooking

If you’ve never tried making food this way it’s time you tried. And remember, you don’t need to travel half way up the Himalayan mountains to do it. Any little patch of untouched nature will do. And most important, tidy up when you’re done so the next people who find that particular spot find it as delightful as you did – Ted  🙂

Nomination !

My blog has been nominated for the “NEPALIAUSTRALIAN’s Blog Award 2016” in the food blog categoery. As there are only five nominations in each category that made me both surpised and very happy 😉

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