British Onion Soup with Red Leicester Toast / British Løksuppe med Rød Leicester Toast

A classic British soup recipe found on
British Onion Soup with Red Leicester Toast / British Løksuppe med Rød Leicester Toast

Mouth-watering Red Leicester toasts are the perfect accompaniment to this fabulous British onion soup.


Colonial Hot Buttered Rum / Varm Rom Med Smør fra Kolonitiden

A classic hot beverage found on allrecipes.comColonial Hot Buttered Rum_post

This is the real thing – an authentic Colonial recipe except.. You will swear you are drinking a cinnamon roll, and then it hits you! Very tasty and a family favorite (Among the grown-ups that is 😉 ).

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D C Style Apple Cake / Eplekake Washington D C style

A recipe from “Internasjonale Familefavoritter” (International Family Favourites) by Ron Kalenuik published in 1976d c eplekake_post

traditional badge americanWhen I found this book at a flea marked last month I almost dropped it right back in the cardboard box I found it in. The cover is so badly designed that I thought “Not bloody likely”. Luckily I leafed through it and found that it was crammed with decent recipes and good photos. I refuse to believe that the inside was designed by the same person who designed the cover – Ted 😉


Caramel Cream Sandwich Cookies / Småkaker med Karamellkrem

A recipe from “Best Of The Bake-off Collection No 42”
published by Pillsbury
caramel cream sandwich cookies_post

These crisp butter cookies have a delicate caramel flavour. Deliciously plain, but real party fare when put together with frosting.
From Junior Second Prize Winner Helen Beckman, Mt. Vernon, Iowa.


Butter Tea Cakes with Brown Sugar / Smørkaker med Brunt Sukker

A recipe for some clessic tea cakes found on
Butter Tea Cakes with Brown Sugar_aboutfood_post

These are a little sweeter than some recipes for tea cakes, but they are delicious. The addition of a small amount of brown sugar gives them that extra bit of sweetness and flavor.


Small Chicken Pâtés / Små Kyllingposteier

A classic Christmassy buffet pâté from “Forretter” (Starters)
published by Hjemmets Kokebook Klubb in 1982.
små kyllingposteier_post

As I’ve mentioned before, Scandinavian Christmas buffets are serious stuff, copious dishes and nothing but the best. These chicken pâtés would fit right in on such a buffet.

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Old Fashioned Macintosh Toffee / Gammeldagse Myke Karameller

A recipe by Chef Dee found on food.com010_macintosh_toffee_page
Chef Dee’s Note
This is the best toffee I have ever tasted. It is a popular item at the Christmas Farmer’s Market here, and with just 4 ingredients it’s easy to make. I prefer to decrease the cooking time slightly for a softer toffee.


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Norwegian “Lapper”*

A traditional griddle cake recipe found on the popular food site MatPrat


traditional badge2* “Lapper” are small pieces of paper or fabrics. To write someone a “lapp” means to write someone a note, and passing “lapper” is frowned upon in school (passing notes between students without the teacher knowledge). “Lapper” is also a traditional Norwegian pancake-like griddle cake not unlike “Sveler” that I posted about the other day – Ted


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Granitadi Caffe – Italian Ice Coffee

A recipe from “Italiensk Kjøkken På Sitt Beste” (Italian Kitchen At It’s Best) published by a Norwegian book club in 1977

Iskaffe post



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