Cherry-Raspberry Pie / Kirsebær og Bringebær Pai

A summery pie recipe found in “Better Homesand Gardens’ Gifts From Your Kitchen” published in 1976

Pies are perfect for bringing to family picnics or other gatherings. Everybody loves them and they are not that hard to make. A mug of custard would not be a miss along with this pie as so many others.


1917 – Ryzon Corn Bread / Ryzon Maisbrød

A old fashioned recipe found in “Ryzon Baking Book”
by Marion Harris Neil published in 1917
1917_ryson_corn bread_post

It is nice to see that the recipes from these early 19th century ads, recipe booklets and books still are popular. I posted another one from a Kellogg’s ad the other day and it was one of the most popular posts that week – Ted 🙂


Bacon & Onion Cornmeal Tart / Maismelterte Med Løk Og Bacon

A traditional Dutch Pennsylvanian recipe found on Lost Recipes Found

086_bacon onoion cornmeal tart_post
Pennsylvania Dutch food historian William Woy’s Weaver is thirteenth-generation (!) Dutch, with Swiss ancestors. He’s written many culinary history books, directs the Keystone Centre for the Study of Regional Foods and Food Tourism, and maintains the Roughwood Seed Collection for heirloom food plants. But his latest book, ““As American as Shoofly Pie: The Foodlore and Fakelore of Pennsylvania Dutch Cuisine” is perhaps closest to heart, a life-time’s worth of ongoing work and research that seeks to set the record straight on Pennsylvania Dutch food, exposing the “fakelore” and hopefully sparking some New Dutch recipe revivalism from this 350-year-old American culture. This recipe is from that culture.

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