Even More Flea Market Finds

053_flea market finds
Any professional book collector knows that if a flea market is run over two days they fill up the book shelves and tables with more books when the market closes the first day so a visit the next day will always bring new chances. And as you can see from the image above it did today as well at the same flea market I visited yesterday.

Besides the prices are lower on day two. They want to get red of as much as possible of course. Today’s 12 books cost me NOK 100 = £ 9.50 =  $ 15.30 – Ted 🙂

208 drinker – (208 Drinks)
Published by Schibsted Forlag in 1984
Ost På 75 Måter – (75 Ways With Cheese)
Published by Cappelens Forlag in 1980
Det Nye kjøkken Biblioteket – Kalv (The New Kitchen Library – Veal)
Published by Gyldendal Norske Forlag in 1971

Det Nye kjøkken Biblioteket – Fugl – (The New Kitchen Library – Birds)
Published by Gyldendal Norske Forlag in 1971
Det Nye Kjøkken Biblioteket – Deserter – (The New Kitchen Library – Deserts)
Published by Gyldendal Norske Forlag in 1971
Det Nye Kjøkken Biblioteket – Forretter – (The New Kitchen Library – Starters)
Published by Gyldendal Norske Forlag in 1971
Det Nye Kjøkken Biblioteket – Baking – (The New Kitchen Library – Baking)
Published by Gyldendal Norske Forlag in 1971
Det Nye Kjøkken Biblioteket – Koldtbord – (The New Kitchen Library – Buffets)
Published by Gyldendal Norske Forlag in 1971
Velkommen Til mitt Kjøkken – (Welcome To My Kitchen)
By Ingrid Espelid Hovik
Published by Gyldendal Norske Forlag / Programbladet in 1985

Ingrid Espelid Hovik was a TV cook at the NRK (Norway’s National TV station) for more than 20 years. This book was published in connection with her 20 year anniversary.
Dessertkaker – (Desert Cakes)
Published by Hjemmets Kokebok Klubb in 1980
Forretter – (Starters)
Published by Hjemmets Kokebok Klubb in 1982
Mat Til hverdag Og Fest – (Everyday Food And Party Food)
Published by Hjemmets Kokebok Klubb in 1985
And this brings my books in this series up to 31

More Flea Market Finds

051_flea market finds

It is a rainy, cold day in Oslo today, but luckily there was a flea market at the school just across the road from my flat so I found the right kind of jacket (In Norway we have a saying that goes like this; There’s is nothing called bad weather, only bad cloths) and then I walked the few hundred meters to the gymnastics hall where I knew the books would be. (It’s not the first time I’ve been to the flea market at this school of course)

I didn’t find as many cook books as last weekend, but on the other hand I found a couple of real classics, so all in all a good day along the bookshelves –  8 books, total cost 190 NOK = $ 29  – Ted

Wear-Ever’s 75th Anniversary Spirit of 76 Cook Book
By Margaret Mitchell
Published by Cutco Division in 1972
A Taste of Ireland in Food and Pictures
By Theodora Fitzgibbon
Published by Pan Books in 1968
Supper og Sauser (Soups and Sauces)
Published by Hjemmets Kokebok Klubb in 1980
Snart Ferdig (Soon finished)
Published by Hjemmets Kokebok Klubb in 1984
This brings my books in this series up to 28
Stora Boken om Smörgåsar & Smörgåstårtor [Swedish]
(The Big Book About Sandwiches and Sandwich Cakes)

Published by ICA Bokförlag in 1984
Vännernas Kokbook (The Friends’ Cook Book) [Swedish]
By 9 of Sweden’s most well known cooks
Published by Eurocard AB in 1983
Robert Carrier’s Kitchen Cook Book
By Robert Carrier
Published by Book Club Associates in arrangement with
Marshall Cavendish Books in 1980
Bild Kok Boken (The Picture Cook Book) [Swedish]
By Birgitta Frantzén & Yvonne Sensoli
Published by Semic Press in association with
Åhlén & Åkerlunds Förlag in 1974

I already  have the Norwegian version of this book (Cook books are often published both in Norway and Sweden in slightly different versions). To my delight I discovered that the Swedish version was a lot thicker and had a lot more content than the Norwegian one – Ted

Jumble Sale Finds – Part 2

042_flea market finds_part 2
This series should be well known to frequent visitors to this blog, I’ve posted lots of recipes from the books I already have and today I found 8 more. I don’t know how many books there are in this series, but I got 26 now and will be looking for more. Both the images and texts are easy to scan and the books are crammed full of nice recipes – Ted

All 8 books are published by Hjemmets Kokebok Klubb (Hjemmet’s Cook Book Club) and were printed between 1977 and 1881. Hjemmet is one of Norway’s most popular family weeklies.

(Party Food)
”Fisk Og Skalldyr”
(Fish And Shellfish)
(Cakes Baked In Moulds)
”Mat Med Tradisjon”
(Traditional Food)

Jumble Sale Finds – Part 1

042_flea market finds_part 1

The autumn jumble sale season has finally started up in Oslo and when my sister called me earlier to day asking if I wanted to tag along for a round on this weekends markets I finished what I was doing as quickly as I could, hung up my kitchen apron (I was making fish patties) and went out to be picked up.

To day’s catch was so big that I have to present it in two parts and here is the first one – Ted

“Carl Butlers codebook – Fortsettelsen”
(Carl Butler’s Cook Book – The Continuation)
126 pages
published by J W Cappelen in 1981

I already have his first cook book and have presented several recipes from it on this blog – Ted
”Norsk Ukeblads Store Bakebok”
(Norsk Ukeblad’s Large Baking Book)
210 pages
published by Ernst G Mortensens Forlag in 1984

”MENU – Småretter Og Salater” [Danish]
(MENU – Snacks And Salads)
246 pages
Published by Lademann in 1975

”Italiensk Kokebok”
(Italian Cook Book)
222 pages
Published by Schribsted in 1980

”Gode Venner, Øl Og Mat”
(Good Friends, Beer And Food)
52 pages
Published by Den Norske Bryggeriforening
(The Norwegian Brewer’s Association)
Not dated, but my guess is mid to late sixties
”Kunglig Spis”
(Royal Oven)
128 pages
Published by LTs Förlag in 1882

And last but not at all least two real Norwegian classics:

”Gyldendals Store Kokebok”
(Gyldendal’s Large Cook Book)
554 pages
Published by Gyldendal in 1957

”Aschehougs Kokebok”
(Aschehoug’s Cook Book)
664 pages
Published by Aschehoug in 1967

Four Variations On The Shimp Cocktail

Recipes from “Hei Mat” (Hello Food) published by a popular Norwegian book club in 1972


“Hei Mat” was one of the most popular cook books in Norway all through the seventies and the first cook book I got hold of when I moved into my own apartment as a young man. That book was used till it fell apart so the one this and the following recipes from the book are taken from I found to my great joy at a jumble sale last fall – Ted



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This Saturday’s Jumble Sale Finds


From top to bottom
(All titles translated to English)
What are we going to have for dinner – Norwegian – 1968
Good food-easy to make – Danish – 1973
We’re having guests – Norwegian – 1969
Food for all seasons – Norwegian – 1977
More from the series I found a couple of weeks ago:
– Yeast baking
– Oven bakes
– Jam making and freezing
– Favourite dishes from many countries
– Simple, nice & easy
– Rice dishes
– Christmas in the house

– Norwegian – ranging from 1976 – 1979
Good food from all the world – Norwegian – 1971
From a series called Gourmet:
– From lobster à la carte to egg with caviar
– From canard à l’orange to rice à la carte
– From blue trout to roast beef
– Danish – 1977

I’ve had better days at jumble sales, but all in all, I’d say I’m pretty satisfied with to day’s finds. Particularly with Good food from all the world, a very nice, richly illustrated cook book with decent photos and a lot of exciting recipes. We’re having guests was also a nice cook book that brought back some nice memories from my own youth – Ted