3 Variations On Mustard / Sennep I 3 Utgaver

3 mustard recipes from “Jul I Huset” (Christmas In The House)
published by Hjemmet’s Kokebok Klubb in 1984
sennep i tre utgaver_post

Whatever Norwegians eat on Christmas Eve, you can be pretty sure that two things are on the table. cranberry jam and mustard. And on many of those tables that mustard is homemade. Here you got three different versions of such mustards, ranging from strong to mild.

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6 thoughts on “3 Variations On Mustard / Sennep I 3 Utgaver

  1. T-Ted…I love this! I made ketchup this past summer…now I think it’s time for me to make mustard! Thank you so much for sharing this, I’m printing it up right now. Love the little snowflakes!! Happy Fiesta Friday.. ❤


  2. motherwouldknow says:

    I love mustard but have never made it myself – now I can do it 3 ways! Thanks for stopping by our Happy Holidays Link Party – be sure to join us again this week, beginning on Saturday at 7 pm ET.


  3. […] 3 Variations On Mustard / Sennep i 3 Utgaver […]


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