Cured Beef / Gravet Oksekjøtt

A traditional curing recipe found on grytelokket.com112_gravet oksekjøtt_post

In the old days, curing  meat was a virtue of necessity, while it is today generally considered a delicacy. Many believe that curing meat is difficult, but it is actually a much easier process than most imagine. With this recipe for cured sirloin of beef and mustard sauce you can try for yourself.

My brother in law, a very skilled cook, makes a wicked cured beef for Christmas every year and serves it with cherry tomatoes, fresh dill and horseradish sauce. For me it is one of the absolute culinary highlights of Christmas season.

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Cured Beef With Mustard Dressing / Gravet Kjøtt Med Sennepsdressing

A traditional Norwegian recipe from the popular food site MatPrat

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traditional badge2Food curing dates back to ancient times, both in the form of smoked meat and as salt-cured meat. Curing meat is easy, and it tastes great! Here is the recipe for cured beef. Great as en evening snacks with a good mustard dressing and some pickles.


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